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Another side who have developed a reputation as a yo-yo club over the last few years.  Since the inception of the Premiership, Manchester City have bounced between the top two divisions and in one case slipped down to the Second Division.  Only a play-off escape against Gillingham earned them an escape from the bottom point of their plummet of late.

This is in stark contrast to the early days of the club.  After formation in 1887 and changing their name from Ardwick FC in 1894, City won Second Division championships in 1899 and 1903, with an FA Cup win in 1904.  Two more Second Div. titles and another FA Cup lead to them finally taking the top spot in the First Division in 1937.

An illegal payments scandal rocked the club in 1906, which lead to City falling from grace.  They had been accused of using the payments to win the 1904 FA Cup and had 17 players suspended (including the big notorious figure of Billy Meredith), having to put their ground up for sale to pay off the fines imposed by the FA.  This was the main reason they tried to shy away from publicity and moved to Hyde Road.  Four of the men joined arch rivals United and they went on to win the league title twice and an FA Cup with the Reds over the following four years.  When this period of success was over, City acquired the architect of this team, manager Ernest Mangnall.

In 1912, City were awarded three penalties in the same game against Newcastle United and missed the lot from the spot.  It is not something that is new to City.

Considering the rivalry between the two clubs, there has been a fair amount of movement across the city.  Indeed, when the FA Cup was lifted in 1934, it was Matt Busby who was in the light blue doing so and Denis Law's famous back-heel condemned his former side United to relegation in 1976.  It is a little known fact, but Eric Cantona actually thought he was signing for City when he went to Manchester and the rest, as they say, is history.  The club even managed to sign up a cricketer in the case of Patsy Hendren !!

In 1957-58, the Citizens famously scored 104 and conceded 100 goals in finishing 5th.  It was an expensive season for City, as they had just installed new nets and had to replace them at the end of the campaign !!

Joe Mercer, the popular manager of the club, paved the way for further success by winning the Second Division again in 1966 and the FA Cup for a fourth time in 1969.  Malcolm Allison's reign in the 1970s brought a League Cup and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1970 and a League Cup followed in 1976.

Coming into the 90s, the City side have made a habit of vacillating between the top division and the First Division.  On one occasion, they guarded the ball in the corner of the pitch believing that the would avoid relegation, as other results had gone their way.  Unfortunately, they had been misinformed and went down.

Moving away from Maine Road to take the main chance in becoming occupiers of the Stadium of the City of Manchester built for the Commonwealth Games was a big risk, but they have now settled in and are scoring goals, as Swede Sven Goran Eriksson took charge and the team look to pull themselves up the table, much as their manager is always on the look-out to pull.

Unfortunately, despite a good season, Sven was replaced by Mark Hughes, when Thaksin Sinawatra (the Thai Prime Minister) took over and made changes.  They were nothing in comparison to the changes in his life, when he was charged with corruption in his homeland and he decided that perhaps he didn't have the money to run a football club after all.  Despite trying to do it his way, he sold the club quickly to Abu Dhabi United, who suddenly were not only a company pumping oil out of the ground in the Middle East, but were pumping money into Middle Eastlands.  This included the Premier League record fee for Robinho from Real Madrid of 35 million, leaving Hughes with a great weight of expectation on his shoulders, which couldn't be met immediately, leaving him out of a job.

Coming in, Roberto Mancini was initially unpopular, but when City beat Stoke City in the FA Cup Final of 2011 for their first trophy in 35 years, he was a hero, but one backed by the huge oil money that threatened to buy the Citizens way to the top.  The slick work of the team pushed them on to the top of the table winning the Premier League title with the last kick of 2011-12 to achieve the aim of the project, but the following season was a slippery slope that saw them struggle to keep up with neighbours United once more, leading to Roberto Mancini being shown the door.  Manuel Pellegrini was the next manager through the door and he seemed to be getting things right, with his array of attacking talent hitting the net more than 100 times by the middle of January in all competitions on their way to their second Premier title.  That wasn't enough to secure his long term future and when he left, he was replaced by Pep Guardiola, who was to bring his particular brand of football to City in the aim of winning not just the Premiership, but the Champions League too.

FAMOUS PLAYERS : -  Colin Bell, Barry Auld, Matt Busby, Neil Young, Keith Coleman, Georgi Kinkladze, Bobby Shinton, Eric Milkman,

FAMOUS FANS : - Eddie Large (Comedian), Liam and Noel Gallagher (Musicians - Oasis), Bernard Manning (Comedian), Ricky Hatton (Boxer - World Light-weight champion).



Club Records

Formed 1887 
Turned Professional 1887
Became a Limited Company 1894
Previous names 1887-1894 = Ardwick FC
Previous grounds Clowes Street  1880-1881
Kirkmanshulme Cricket Ground   1881-1882
Queens Road  1882-1884
Pink Bank Lane  1884-1897
Hyde Road  1897-1923
Maine Road  1923-2003
Nickname "The CITIZENS" or "CITY" or "BLUES"
Club Colours HOME :  Shirts - Light blue with white neck
Shorts - White
Socks - Light blue

AWAY : Shirts - White with blue and red sash
Shorts - Black
Socks - Black

Record Premier League Win 7-0  v   Norwich City (home)   02.11.2013
Record Premier League Defeat   v  
Record Football League Win 10-1  v    Huddersfield Town    Division 2  7.11.1987
Record Football League Defeat 1-9 v Everton  Division 1   3.9.1906
Record Cup Win 10-1  v    Swindon Town    FAC R4  29.1.1930
Record Fee Paid 55 million to Wolfsburg (Germany) for Kevin Debruyne (30th August 2015)
Record Fee Received 4.925 million from Ajax for Georgi KINKLADZE  (May 1998)
Record Football League Appearances 565 -  Alan OAKES (1959-76)
Record Premier League Appearances  -   (19-)
Record Premier League goalscorer -    (1992-)
Record goalscorer in a Premier League season  -    (199-)
Record goalscorer in a season 38  -  Tommy JOHNSON  Division 1 (1928-29)
Record all-time goalscorer  128  -  Tommy JOHNSON  (1919-30)
Most goals in a match 5 - Fred WILLIAMS  v Darwen  Division 2  18.2.1899
5 - Tom BROWELL  v Burnley  Division 2  24.10.1925
5 - Tommy JOHNSON  v Everton  Division 1  12.9.1928
5 - George SMITH  v Newport County  Division 2  14.6.1947
Record Home Attendance (all-time) 84,569 v Stoke City  FAC R6  3.3.1934
Record Premier League Attendance   v   
Record match receipts 512,235   Manchester United v Oldham Athletic  FAC SFr  13.4.1994
Record total of goals in a Premier League season  -  19-,   games
Record Total goals in  a season 108  -  Division 2  1926-27
Record Premier League points total   -  19,   games
Record League points total 3 points for a win : 89  
Division 1   1999-2000

2 points for a win : 62  
Division 2   1946-47

Most capped Player while at club Colin BELL  48  (England)


Stadium details 

Address :  City of Manchester Stadium, Rowsley Street, Manchester M11 3FF

Telephone :  0161 232 3000
0161 226 2224  (Ticket Office)
0161 227 9229  (Dial-a-seat)
09068 121 191 (News)
Fax : 0161 232 8999

Capacity :  48,000
Pitch size : ??  yards  x   ??  yards

Official website :
 Unofficial websites : Manchester City FC Supporters
Bert Trautmann's Helmet Online
King of the Kippax 
Blue Moon 

King of the Kippax
Bert Trautmann's Helmet
Chips and Gravy
City Til I Cry


Directions to the City of Manchester Stadium

There is no parking at the ground.

Nearest railway station:
Manchester Piccadilly (1 mile). Free shuttle bus to Sportcity

Bus routes:
216, 217, 230 to 237, X36, X37

Alternatively the walk from the city centre to the ground takes approximately 25 minutes.



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