Celtic   2    Tottenham Hotspur   0      (Half-time score : 0-0)
Friendly Venue :  Celtic Park  
Tuesday 10th August 2004 Kick Off :  19.45 p.m.
Crowd :    Referee :   S. Conroy
Weather : Wet
Teams : - 

Marshall (McGovern 78)

Balde (O'Dea 78)
Thompson (McGeady 78)



Unused subs: 

Tottenham Hotspur :   


Richards (Defendi 46)

Brown (McKenna 46)


Unused subs: 

Colours : -  (kits courtesy of http://www.colours-of-football.com)
Celtic Tottenham Hotspur
Scorers : -  

Beattie 61
Camara 69

Tottenham Hotspur


Cards : -  



Tottenham Hotspur  



Match Report : -  
The journey to Glasgow from Reading began at 4.00 a.m.  It was raining then and that was all we saw for the whole trip.

Flying with a budget airline for less than a tenner sounded too good to be true.  And it was.  After paying to get to Luton, parking the car and airport taxes, it would have been cheaper to take the train.  And we wouldn't have been herded like cattle in the departure lounge.

We arrived in Glasgow at about 9.30 a.m. and wandered round the town before searching for the Hotel.

Parkhead/Celtic Park - depending on who you ask - was a 20 minute bus ride from Glasgow town centre.  We were greeted with ridicule by the local plod for being naive enough the wear shorts in Scotland.  There must have been 1000 or so Spurs fans who had made the trip.  Not a bad number considering it was a wet Tuesday evening and Santini had dropped lots of hints about resting first team players.

The fact that Celtic would contemplate a friendly when their season had already started shows how desperate they are for meaningful football.  You would have thought it was them who would be fielding the reserves. Their team looked quite strong.

The team announcement was so muffled all I was able to gather was that Doherty was captain for the evening.  

The game itself was not memorable.  Mark Hughes look assured in midfield, Mabizela looked the best defensive option out of Bunjy, Doc, and Richards although Defendi looked promising in the second half.  Mark Yeates made some strong running on the right.  Edson Silva showed that he needs a whole football pitch to himself to control a pass - Rebrov must be mortified to be thought a worse option than Silva and Bakari.  Goals from Beattie (not SCBC Beattie) and Wolves reject Camara had the Celtic fans thinking their team was special, beating Premiership opposition.  The end of the game and - as often is the case - no acknowledgement from the players or coaching staff for the travelling fans, who, after all, weren't being paid to be at this meaningless friendly.

Spurs fans were - as always at away games - in great voice and were graciously applauded at the start of the game.  Some chose to leave a good 15 minutes towards the end.  Justified I guess as it was a very long trip down the M1.

The rain held off long enough for us to walk back to our hotel.  I look on Teletext to find we had signed another defender Thimothee Atouba ... was he going to solve our frightening lack of pace in midfield.  Only time will tell.

Our flight home Wednesday evening was delayed, so we arrived home early hours of Thursday morning, counting the hours to the Liverpool game.  Santini pleading in the press that we fans shouldn't expect too much as the team has not had a chance to bed.  Perhaps he has a case with Naybet and Atouba arriving a week before the start of the season.  But in not one of the 'too many pre-season games' did he play his strongest team.

Paul Boshier

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