Sheffield United   2    Tottenham Hotspur   1      (Half-time score : 1-1)
Friendly Venue :   Bramall Lane
Sunday 25th July 2004 Kick Off :  15.00 p.m.
Crowd :   8,788 Referee :   Mr. P. Prosser
Weather : 
Teams : - 
Sheffield United


Morgan (c)
Wright (Quinn 46)

Liddell (Forte 62)
Thirlwell (Sharp 81)
Tonge (Ross 81)

Hayles (Ward 62)
Gray (Montgomery 62) 

Unused subs: 

Tottenham Hotspur :   


Kelly (Carr 80)
King (Gardner 45)
Bunjevcevic (McKie 45)

Redknapp (c) (Hughes 57)
Jackson (Ricketts 67)

Keane (Malcolm 45)

Unused subs: 

Colours : -  (kits courtesy of
Sheffield United Tottenham Hotspur
Scorers : -  
Sheffield United

Harley 20
Forte 69

Tottenham Hotspur

Keane 19

Cards : -  
Sheffield United 



Tottenham Hotspur  



Match Report : -  

Saturday’s match programme, albeit a centenary souvenir edition, weighed in at a hefty ¼ kilo. Today’s flimsy apology only managed a paltry 39 grams.  I include this trivial fact as a friendly acknowledgment of those supporters who measure match-day programmes on their kitchen scales when they return from a game.  It’s of no interest to me although I’m pleased to have a copy of the ‘Blade’ so that I can say that I came away with something !


I arrived at Bramall Lane with just minutes to spare.  Embarrassingly I fell over just shy of turnstile 20 spotted only by a steward who politely looked away.  This was to become, from my point of view, the highlight of the action of the afternoon (other than Keano’s strike in the first half).


I wonder what Santini makes of Tottenham?  He got a good insight at Sheffield. 
Conversation with Jacques:


Jacques: “ Ees zeese ‘ow zay play normally?”

Me: “Well Jacques, me old French mucker, what can I say?”

Jacques: “Tell me one sing only, oui or non.”

Me: Oui Jacques, oui. Surely Monsieur Levy warned you?”


Of course I’m being unfair.  I’m having a laugh. 


We play wonderful football, but sometimes it’s awful. 


I was hoping, in my naivety, that the old (away from home) Tottenham had been magiced away never to be seen of or referred to again.  No such luck. 


Apart from Keano.  Robbie’s goal (19 minutes) worked by Davis, Redknapp and Jackson was a sharp Keano finish and, had I left then, I could have said to anyone prepared to listen that I’d just been to a good football match and witnessed a lovely goal.  


The Blades retaliated immediately (and where have we seen that before ?) with an excellent goal that Kasey could only stretch at.   New signing Barry Hayles looked a menace and almost scored himself later (I believe that he includes supporting THFC amongst his interests ?). 


The second half was shocking.  It was made worse, as it always is, by the groans and sighs (and worse) of fellow supporters who share their frustration with all and sundry.  I prefer to suffer in silence with a look of “I’ve been here before” on my sad and long suffering face.  


Specifically the crimes were: 

(a) giving the ball away, cheaply, time and again, 

(b) being second best at each and every challenge (a slight exaggeration) and 

(c) wasting chances through poor judgment and lack of spatial awareness.


Two matches in two days is probably too much and if something positive comes from this we can all forget about it or have a laugh over a pint.  

“Remember when we played Sheffield a mere three weeks before the first match of the season ?” 

“Yes, ho, ho, ho, that were a laugh, like, but look how much better we’ve got !”  

We’ve got to get better. To put a time scale on it, we’ve got to improve now and start putting out teams that resemble what we’ll be playing at the start of the season.


I’ve got 110% faith in our new management, I really have.  I met Frank (Arnesen) at the Q and A session at The Lane last week and he seems a top, top bloke.  I even warmed to Daniel Levy. 

God, I hope that they can get it right!


By the way, where’s Fredi Kanoute ?



N17 Yiddo

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