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06.05.1939 Sheffield United's last day 6-1 win saw them promoted to Division One.


they are linked with both

David Tuttle A youngster at Spurs, who made his debut against United and made 8 appearances between 1990 and 1991, before he moved to Bramall Lane to get first team football for 350,000.
Michael Brown Regular with United when he joined on loan in December 1999 and then permanently from Manchester City making over 150 appearances. Signed by Spurs for 500,000 in 2004 and stayed for two years playing over 50 games.
Lycurgus Burrows Amateur full back or half back Ly played 25 Southern League matches for Tottenham from November 1894 until 1898, when his work took him to Sheffield, where he joined United.  He was with the club for five years, but failed to make a first team appearance.
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debuts against sheffield united

John Joyce 27.11.1909
Arthur King 01.09.1913
Terry Dyson 19.03.1955
Pat Jennings 22.08.1964
Cyril Knowles 22.08.1964
David Tuttle 27.11.1990

last game against sheffield united

Solomon Upton 16.11.1912
Fred Wilkes 06.04.1912
Charlie Lance 11.12.1921
Charlie Walters 07.05.1925
Arthur Rowe 15.04.1938
Les Miller 06.05.1939
Ron Burgess 17.04.1954
Peter Collins 02.05.1973


first goal for the club - scored against sheffield united

Findlay Weir 22.02.1913
Jimmy Bauchop 01.09.1913
Fred "Fanny" Walters 01.09.1913
Jimmy Skinner 03.12.1921
Eugene "Taffy" O'Callaghan 05.03.1927
Arthur Sanders 05.03.1927
Colin Brittan 17.04.1954
Justin Edinburgh 20.04.1991
Kevin Scott 05.03.1994
Teddy Sheringham 02.09.1992
Dimitar Berbatov 22.08.2006


last goal for the club - scored against sheffield united

Percy Humphreys 18.03.1911
Jim Fleming 19.04.1915
Harry Hargreaves 31.08.1925
Charlie Handley 31.03.1928
Les Miller 06.05.1939
Colin Brittan 17.04.1954
Peter Collins 02.05.1973
Martin Chivers 27.03.1976
Justin Edinburgh 20.04.1991
Kevin Scott 05.03.1994



26.02.1968 Tony Currie makes his debut for Sheffield United.
22.08.2006 David Sommeil makes his Sheffield United debut.
10.02.2007 This win gave Sheffield United their 500th League point under Neil Warnock.

Paul Robinson makes his 100th Premiership appearance for Tottenham.

Alan Quinn will be making his 250th career League appearance (Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland and Sheffield United).

28.01.2015 Che Adams' second goal gave Sheffield United their 100th against Spurs in competitive matches at their own ground.


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